Presentations New perspectives on change in the human system.

How to generate development alternatives

Experience the transformation of a new context.

Conferences provide a perspective on three contexts in transformation: emerging market management, management of social transformations, and management of change in groups and organizations. Current demands challenge us to transform our view of phenomena to generate innovative actions. Our work perspective is focused on expanding alternatives, creating competitive processes, and managing development opportunities for human systems.


Design Possibilities

How to address emerging markets
The dimensions of the current changes. The formula of opportunities. Architecture for instability. The strategy of the possibilities. Business model development in three dimensions.

Competitive Value

How to address perceptions
Competitiveness Platform: assessment, design and management. Strategic management of stakeholders. Dimensions of valuation and perception. Innovation scenarios. Board of decisions.

Emotional Capital

How to address transformation
Addressing change processes. Addressing symptoms in human groups. Levels of emotional impact on performance. Change management board. Managing emotions maps.